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Daycare Near Me North York

Happyland Childcare Centre

The happiest place in childcare.

Loving. Learning. Laughing.

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Childcare Near Me North York


Inclusive Environment, Never-Ending Fun and Learning

Our Daycare centre in North York is conveniently located in Toronto and accessible to major highways such as the Hwy 7, Hwy 400, Hwy 401, and Hwy 407. Happyland’s mission is to provide a welcoming and nurturing daycare environment where each child’s individuality is embraced. We encourage big dreams, ambitious discovery, and endless curiosity.

Through play-based learning, children have the opportunity to experience the world around them at their pace, as they are the true conductors of their own learning. Our educators facilitate various learning opportunities and explorative play.

We believe that play, music, drama, science, and physical activities all play a valuable role in children’s educational foundation.

Experience the Happyland childcare effect!

Daycare Centre Near Me North York
mashii maro
mashii maro
We are so glad that we found Happyland Childcare Learning Centre! After extensively researching a number of daycare/childcare facilities in general area, we ended up choosing Happyland because we felt like it was an extension of our home. The team is very warm welcoming, friendly and has really taken care of our son over the last few months. We have seen significant improvement in his development, both cognitively and developmentally. Under their expert care, he eats well, sleeps well and seems to be genuinely happy to be there. As first-time parents, it was extremely important for us to fine a childcare where we could trust our little one in their care. We appreciate the team for taking care of our son. We highly recommend Happyland Childcare Learning Centre and highly recommend anyone looking for high quality childcare to check them out.
sheldon nicer
sheldon nicer
This is an amazing childcare it feels like my child's second home the staff create a warm and loving environment. I'm extremely happy with Happyland Childcare and highly recommend it.
Noy Schofield
Noy Schofield
This is a beautiful daycare with loving an experienced teachers. They take care of your child like their own, highly recommended
Kevin wang
Kevin wang
I am absolutely thrilled with this daycare! The staff is wonderful, the facility is clean and safe, and our child loves it here. The caregivers are fantastic, and the educational activities are top-notch. We feel confident in the safety measures in place. It's a five-star experience all around! Highly recommended!


Great Daycare Programs Created with Your Child in Mind!

The happiest place where we care and they learn.

From age 6 months through age 7, Happyland has perfect daycare programs for every child. Our facility perks include a large indoor/outdoor playground, ample parking lot and a garden that compliment each of our programs.

daycare near me north york infant programs
(6 - 18 months)


Our infant program, for ages 6 - 18 months, is likely your child’s first experience in daycare and we understand how difficult that transition can be. We are here to happily guide you and your child every step of the way.

daycare near me north york preshool programs
(30 months - 44 months)


Our preschool program, 30 months to 6 years, includes a wide range of developmental and learning opportunities. Children in this program are learning and growing, rapidly, right before our eyes, and we love giving them endless opportunities to learn.

childcare near me north york toddler programs
(18 - 30 months)


Our toddler program is for ages 18 - 30 months and this is where we love watching personalities soar and independence emerge. Your toddler is hitting so many milestones and we’re so honoured to be a part of it!

childcare near me north york kindergarten programs
(44 months - 7 years)


Our kindergarten program, for children ages 44 months to 7 years, takes learning to the next level. With a continued focus on play, kindergarten provides the educational foundation a child needs to move out of the childcare system.



Become Part of the Happyland Family!

Here is how to start the daycare registration process:

Contact us to learn more about Happyland Childcare Learning Centre.
Complete Happyland’s Waiting List Request Form.
You will receive confirmation of your Waiting List placement via email within 3 business days.


When they shine, we shine!

We celebrate each child’s uniqueness; we are their biggest cheerleaders!

Happyland is a gigantic hug! We welcome every child with open arms. We are committed to their growth and learning but, most importantly, we are committed to their happiness. Happyland is a space where dreams are imagined and happiness radiates.

We are dedicated to fuelling our little ones with healthy meals that every child will enjoy!

Daycare Services Near Me North York
Childcare Services Near Me North York


The Happyland Daycare Team

Full of love and happy to guide!

Our team of childhood educators are committed to positivity and growth. We believe that nurturing and play are key to a child’s development, while communication and respect are key to a parent’s happiness.

Get to know the Happyland Team.

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