We have great news: Happyland's fees HAVE BEEN REDUCED BY 52.75% through the CWELCC program!

Daycare in North York

Happyland Childcare Centre

Your home away from home! A place you can trust to leave your kids.

Established in 2022. Happyland Childcare Learning Centre is the sister company to Little Angels Childcare Learning Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

We aim to enhance the well-being of families through responsive, quality services in North York.

We have created Happyland with love and hope and attention to all the details that matter to you and your family.

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The North York Daycare Loved By Children and Parents Alike!

Your daycare should feel safe and secure!

We’ve built a childcare centre full of warmth and comfort.

Our teachers are passionate educators who help children to develop their skills and foster healthy self-esteem and confidence through a variety of supportive learning environments. Our teachers treat every child with kindness and love. We are inclusive and accepting of all behaviours and stages of learning. Every child is unique and every child is precious.

Our facility is spacious, clean, and modern. In addition to our regular programs, we also offer enrichment programs for an additional fee. Our indoor gym offers endless possibilities for physical play and organized movement classes. We are giddy about our garden and the blossoming learning opportunities it will provide.

We believe that communication is key and that parents feel most comfortable when they feel connected to their children during the day. We provide daily updates, written records, and a daily live feed for parents.

While we have a security system in each class as well as front door security, we maintain an open door policy, where parents and guardians are always welcome and encouraged to communicate openly so we can offer the necessary support.

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We believe that childcare should be easily accessible, affordable, and comfortable.

Children in our care feel nurtured and understood. As parents, we understand the importance of love and compassion in childcare. Our team loves each child like her own. There is no such thing as a difficult child!

The Happyland Childcare Mission

Our primary goal is to provide a nurturing environment, where children feel loved.

We’ve created an environment where children are inspired to dream and discover the world around them. Through a play based, hands-on experience, we encourage children to be the conductors of their own learning while staff facilitate various learning opportunities. We are committed to providing top quality childcare, with happiness at the forefront.

We are an inclusive childcare centre, with resources available for neurodivergence and special needs. Every child is worthy of the Happyland experience!

You’re in good hands at Happyland!

*Happyland intends to opt into CWELCC – Parents Reduced Fee Government Program

Happyland Mission


Become Part of the Happyland Family!

Here is how to start the daycare registration process:

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